Our Partners


The mobility portal is a joint venture between vedisys AG and the dsb Group.

Together with our partners, we offer transportation companies, municipalities and mobility providers a full-service solution for intermodal passenger transportation.

We are pleased to introduce the following companies that have also took part in developing the mobility portal with their services.

Strong Partners:

DATAbility GmbH embodies the curiosity to gain new insights from data using artificial intelligence (AI) methods. 

Founded as a spin-off of the Institute of Flight Systems and Control Engineering at The Technical University of Darmstadt (Technische Universität Darmstadt), DATAbility is a knowledge-driven company that develops software and technology solutions.

DATAbility specializes in the analyses of large databases, models for diagnosis and prognosis and automated recommendations for action. This special know-how results from the fusion of engineering and system knowledge with Data Science and Big Data algorithms.  


ITEXON GmbH has more than 20 years of experience with the development of business processes and critical IT systems. Based on your needs, ITEXON develops systems for your company using state-of-the-art web technologies. 

As specialists in the development of high-performance, business-critical systems with a focus on workflow management, customer activation, customer relationship management and billing and reporting, ITEXON will find the right solution for you. 

ITEXON is also highly experienced in developing various web interfaces and has expertise in a wide range of modern interface and communication technologies. By using modern tools, ITEXON is able to achieve an unprecedented quality and complexity of modern browsers and app-based user interfaces. 

As an innovative company in the field of customer care, e-commerce and outsourcing, PVS Relationship Services (PVS RS) offers you and your customers a whole new service experience. With many years of experience and cooperation with well-known brands (such as JOOP!, Wolford and Douglas), as well as supporting mobility and public transportation companies in the region of Stuttgart (such as polygo, VVS and SSB), we have already been able to win over numerous B2B as well as B2C clients. 

PVS RS caters specifically to your needs, where customer support can be individualized and flexibly adapted to your ideas. Together with you, optimal processes based on best practices can be built up. From large companies, to traditional manufacturers or newly founded startups, PVS RS strengthens your relationships with your customers across all channels, with services available in all European languages as well as various others. 

Here are your advantages: 

  • many years of experience with services in mobility and high-end customers 
  • brand-appropriate communication in all European language and various others 
  • up to 24/7 service hours and support 
  • individualized customer support via phone, chat, e-mail or mail 
  • non-traditional volume call center 
  • customized online dashboards for different customers 
  • fast onboarding 
  • expertise in machine learning, AI and chatbots 

The complete service portfolio can be found here