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AI and the Mobility Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in facilitating the mobility transformation. It connects and automates public and private transportation services - and does so with the involvement of all the necessary stakeholders. The mobility portal centrally unites the potential for digital transformation in order to master all the disruptive effects of traffic developments of the future.  

Our AI Provides Unique Solutions To

  • optimizing traffic flows and modes of transport  
  • improving mobility processes 
  • predicting traffic volumes and capacities 
  • improving passenger comfort 
  • avoiding disruptions 
  • optimizing resources

Using Mobility Data Intelligently 

The intelligent usage and analysis of data is essential for the realization of multimodal mobility. The key technology required for this is machine learning (ML), which is a branch of artificial intelligence. 

Existing data and sensors form the basis of the application of artificial intelligence. Interconnected vehicles and infrastructure systems provide real-time data. Additionally, data generated from passengers and drivers via their mobile devices contributes to smart traffic management. 

Better Traffic Management

Data generated can be used to train algorithms that recognize patterns and deduce decisions automatically. The mobility portal provides intelligent functions as well as AI-supported applications and services that enable better traffic management. The latter is especially important for the smooth operation of multimodal services. Our platform offers you the ability to monitor the operation of fleets and other assets such as trains, trams, buses, taxis, car-sharing and e-bikes.

To ensure an effective and efficient ecosystem of urban mobility in the face of increasingly complex transportation requirements, the mobility portal offers you a holistic concept for your mobility management.

Providing Smart Mobility Services

The mobility portal allows you to utilize all of the mobility data that is made available through AI and machine learning methods from DATAbility. The AI modules available on the mobility portal offer public transportation, municipalities, cities and mobility providers the optimal conditions for smart mobility management. 

Customization and Personalization 

Our mobility services can make mobility recommendations based on usage data and data from the environment as well as from different systems. The possibility to incorporate personal preferences makes public transportation increasingly attractive. 

Increasing Efficiency

Traffic analysis and forecasts allow you to optimize operations so that existing infrastructures are used more efficiently. This includes conserving resources and reducing emissions, which helps increase the sustainability of mobile chains and networks. 

Predictive Analytics

AI-based models enable dynamic predictions. This allows deviations from plans to be detected at early stages and also triggers the appropriate countermeasures intelligently.  

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