Business Intelligence


Multidimensional Analyses

Which type of tickets achieve the highest marginal income? Which routes are no longer economical for municipalities? With the mobility portal's BI module, webshop purchases analyze payments from passengers, data from vending machines and sales from external points of sale. Here, you can compare the time-based utilization of different routes or monitor the maintenance of your fleet. Marketers can use the BI module for persona building, defining target groups and analyzing campaigns. 

KPI-Based Customer Engagement Measurements 
From social media to e-shop, telesales and CRM - the mobility portal enables multidimensional evaluations from a wide range of sources. The full-service solution supports you with cross-channel customer engagement measurements and segmentation. 

Precise Forecasts & Accurate Marketing Campaigns
The mobility portal offers you a 360° customer view. The platform enables precise forecasts and ensures accurate marketing campaigns. Here you can track information on web or app-based purchases, content preferences, preferred payment methods and devices used.

Generate More Season Ticket Sales

Based on usage behavior and stored customer information, the mobility portal can generate customized daily offers for your passengers. These individualized transportation offers are based on AI-based analysis. This is how you can turn casual passengers into loyal customers.

Analyze Occupancy Data*
With the mobility portal you can analyze movement data generated from sensors. In addition to live occupancy, we can display levels of occupancy over longer periods of time. With this, you can compare utilization directly with costs. 






Predicitive Maintance*
Increase savings in maintenance costs and reduce unplanned downtime through intelligent maintenance management. Instead of mileage-based maintenance, transportation companies can for instance, use sensor-based monitoring to detect when axles or brakes need to be replaced. 

Individual Programming 
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*Powered by DATAbility: We work with out partner DATAbility on predictive maintenance.  

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