Holistic Business Processes

The mobility portal supports local authorities, transportation companies and mobility providers with their digital transformation. 

One Portal for Frontend and Backend

The modular framework of the mobility portal offers you frontend solutions with integrated back-office workflows. Municipalities and transport providers can individually decide which modules of the mobility portal they want to use. The portal can be integrated with already existing client solutions. 

End-to-End Process View

The mobility portal covers the complete customer cycle from onboarding to payment and customer service. With the mobility portal, you can also manage customer relationships.  

Shorten Testing and Learning Cycles

The more flexible and customer-centric your services and business models are, the more revenues you will get. With the mobility portal, you can test out new and creative business models without endangering existing core businesses with fast testing and learning cycles for specific target groups. 

Ready to Use in Weeks Instead of Months 

Configure instead of code. With a wide selection of templates, the mobility portal can be ready to use within weeks instead of months.  

An Overview of the Digital Backend Processes:

Multichannel Ticket Sales 
We digitalize and centralize the management of season tickets, tickets, eTickets, customers, fares as well as different sales channels. With the mobility portal, you can administer webshop purchases, payment from passengers, imports from ticket vending machines and sales from external points of sale. We configure multichannel sales in the mobility portal to suit your needs.

Digital Subscription Management 
All ticket data from print tickets, eTickets or cards are managed, prepared for production and directly created in the mobility portal. The mobility portal is capable of processing different fare structures, which means that any number of fares can be managed and assigned in the system at the same time. The correct fare for the selected ticket is always indicated. 

Audit-Proof Subledger Accounting
The mobility portal offers you digialized subledger accounting certified by auditors. Here, all bookings (e.g. invoices, incoming payments and cancelled transactions) are generated automatically. There is always a receipt for every booking, resulting in maximum auditability. 

Customer Service & CRM
In the mobility portal, you have all the important customer data at a glance. Customer service employees can find, customer ticket information, contracts, invoices, pending items, payment transactions, accounts and etc. here. Additionally, the mobility portal offers extensive CRM functions.

Digital Document Management 
The mobility portal offers you its own document management system. Alternatively, we can also integrate with external document management systems such as Docuware. All documents are automatically or manually generated by the mobility portal. This means that invoices, reminders or other correspondences are stored in the document management system. The archived documents can be viewed for each customer at any time.

Centralized Fares Database
Here, all fares are centralized and available across all channels. We can integrate different fare structures in the mobility portal. Versioning is also implemented into the price tables, therefore old fares are still saved. In addition to public transportation fares, the mobility portal also supports use-based tariffs to bill transportation rentals. With high extendibility, we offer you a future-proof solution. 

Automated Invoicing

The mobility portal offers you automated billing runs. Invoicing is usually based on existing contracts. However, outgoing invoices can also be generated based on different incidents such as fines for passengers being caught without valid tickets. As for managing receivables, issued invoices automatically lead to a corresponding outstanding item. All further transactions such as payments or reminders occur on the basis of outstanding items and are assigned to them.  

Manage Student Transportation Digitally
A dedicated multilingual student portal relieves school authorities and transportation companies of the burden of managing student tickets. The multilingual student portal ensures that school authorities, schools, students and parents are all connected with each other. Benefit from automated digital processes and optimize your workflows to reduce input errors. More information here

Digital Frontend Processes at a Glance  

Customized Webshops

Create your own e-shop directly within the mobility portal. Benefit from quick checkout processes and launch individualized abandoned basket campaigns. Based on individual payment method preferences, your guests are offered their preferred payment method in the e-shop. 

Customer Loyalty Through Individualized Recommendations 
With the mobility portal, you can provide your passengers with relevant offers. This is made possible through our recommendation engine, which is a trainable self-learning recommendation algorithm that generates customized offers based on sophisticated recommendation mechanisms. 

Integrate Different Payment Methods

From PayPal to credit card, direct debit, Apple Pay, Amazon Payments or invoice, we can integrate all common payment methods with the mobility portal. We are flexible when it comes to integration, be it full or partial integration or one-time store payments. You can decide on the level of integration. 

Online Self Service
Your passengers can have access to online customer service any time. Reduce the number of e-mails that your service agents have to manually answer by using our email tool that automatically categorizes messages and sends predefined responses. Reduce your process costs with the help of smart e-mail management. 

Individualized Landing Pages
In the mobility portal, municipalities and public transportation companies can create customized landing pages for events such as city festivals and advertise them to targeted audiences. With these landing pages, you can also test new fare structures or season ticket models on different target groups. 

Extra Sales With Social Media
With the mobility portal, you can place AI-based recommendations in the form of ads into Instagram, Facebook, blogs or YouTube. This allows you to reach out to new target groups and provide your customers with a cross-device and cross-channel shopping experience. 

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