AMIS®7 Modules 

AMIS®7 is a standardized background sales system that specializes in tickets. The use of AMIS®7 simplifies the management of tickets, eTickets, season tickets, customers, fares and a wide variety of sales channels. AMIS®7 can display sales of a webshop, payments from passengers or data from ticket vending machines as well as data from external advance sales outlets. 

The core of your sales department that organizes processes, data management and tasks that is also microservice-oriented. This makes your background system scalable and robust for marketing and sales activities. It secures all background processes while providing high performance. The core communicates via REST services and can connect to all applications you need - in-house or on the web. [more]

The eTicket management system certified by VDV-KA supports all the requirements of the VDV-Kernapplikation, which makes your company future-proof. This means that nothing stands in the way between personalization service providers, mobile ticket providers or implementing nationwide e-ticketing. [mehr]

Subledger Accounting
With subledger accounting, which is certified by auditors, all bookings are generated automatically. A receipt is automatically generated for each booking, which eliminates the need for your own receipts. This leads to maximum security and traceability of transactions and is also GDPdU (principles of data access and auditing of digital documents) compliant. [mehr]

Customer Center
The customer center of AMIS®7 is the central area of all your customer data. AMIS®7 simplifies your employees' daily work and combines all customer data in one place with CRM and document management. Important information is always quickly available and all processes can be directly accessed. [more]

This module allows you to manage EBE incidents, which are incidents that lead to increased transportation charges (e.g. passenger fines for traveling without valid tickets). EBE incidents can be manually added via the AMIS®7 client or automatically imported. ebe|mobile is available for ticket inspectors to use on the job for taking down incidents on mobile. In the EBE center, all set payment dates are centrally monitored, reminders are sent, payment deposits are recorded and reports to debt collection agencies are also managed. [more]

The tariff module integrated in the AMIS®7 client allows you to create and edit your own fares or even import third-party fares from local transportation associations, regions or other neighboring transportation associations. The generic fare database of AMIS®7 can implement a wide variety of fare types (e.g. timed, flat rate or route-based). Changes are tracked via version management, therefore all different fares and the change history are saved. [more]

bm|web is a web-based management tool for complaints related to public transportation and municipalities. Complaints are accumulated from different channels such as customer care, e-mails, contact forms and apps and integrated into your processing. Submitting complaints is made as easy and as possible for the user through cataloged master data and it is made as transparent as necessary by you so the right reactions can be triggered. By integrating all companies, authorities or employees involved, all information regarding a complaint case is centrally managed and the processes are clearly documented. This creates a clear structure and greatly simplifies the process of customer complaints. [more]



The school|web module digitalizes municipal school transportation. It is the central processing platform for school transportation in your service area. It is integrated with the mobility portal® and connects school authorities, schools, pupils as well as parents together. Transportation associations and companies are also digitally networked via the mobility portal and this module. Everyone has access to the same fare data, master data and contact data, which means that all information is contained in one system. [more]




The organizational tool for individualized transport. school|individual manages the organization of passengers who have disabilities. It simplifies the planning of routes for specialized school transportation and ensures that passengers with disabilities reach their destinations safely through various functions. [mehr]

Routing Service
The routing service integrated in AMIS®7 receives routing requests from the portal and calculates multimodal routes based on the available forms of mobility. The results are then sent to the portal including different costs (e.g. fare zones, time, distance and usage-based fares) and displayed there in a way that is comprehensible and transparent to the customer.

Data generated in the portal is enriched with information from various sources (schedule data, actual and target data, control center information, sensor data, etc.) and preprocessed by AI-supported algorithms so that you can always make informed decisions. 

dsb fly Modules 

dsb fly is a customer-centric solution for boosting sales and customer loyalty. The platform is designed modularly with a microservice-oriented architecture and offers configurable and individualized frontends, features and processes. 

The product information system (PIM) is a flexible product information management system that combines data collected from different systems, enriches data when necessary and sends out data to the appropriate sales channel in the correct format. The dsb fly PIM runs both synchronously and asynchronously, where data exchanges with online data occur synchronously in real-time or in batch processes. [more]

Agent Cockpit
Agents can manage customer requests via the Agent Cockpit. All inquiries that a customer can make in the self-service portal or customer hub can be processed and answered here by agents if the customer submits an inquiry via e-mails or phone calls or social media.

With dsb fly XSell, you can launch automated cross-selling and upselling campaigns to provide your customers with relevant and accurate offers. XSell is a trainable and self-learning recommendation algorithm (recommendation engine). Based on sophisticated recommendation mechanisms, XSell suggests individualized offers to your customers. [more]

With dsb fly sell, you can create customized e-shop solutions, individualized landing pages, implement quick checkout processes, suggest payment recommendations to customer, prompt impulse purchases via Facebook and YouTube, transfer data such as article numbers and prices, implement abandoned basket processes and automatically process purchases. [more]


With the dsb fly HUB module, customers can administer their own accounts and manage online customer self-services there. This is equivalent to traditional "My Account" functions, where customers can for instance, change their addresses and submit customer inquiries. [more]

dsb fly pay® is the payment module of the mobility portal®. We integrate all of the common payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, direct debit, invoice payments, Apple Pay and Amazon Payments with the pay module. You can also determine the depth of integration, be it full integration, partial integration or one-off store payments. [more]

The dsb connect module handles data exchanges of your workflows. This middleware consolidates, enriches and refines data. dsb fly connect connects online marketplaces, CRM, PIM and logistics software with each other and processes data from different systems. Real-time data transfers guarantee that only items that are still in stock in the warehouse are displayed in the e-shop. Integrations with accounting systems enable automated invoicing, where APIs to BI tools enable complex reports. [more]

AI rules and algorithms are used to process e-mail and social media inquiries from customers. Birdbox recognizes the intent of the inquiry, extracts required data and automatically performs the action requested by the customers. Specifications of the ERP system as well as contract agreements and notice periods are also considered. 

Our business intelligence cockpit provides you with the answers in big data and smart data analyses. Which products generate higher profit margins on which platform? Does your top-selling item generate lots of returns? Do you need an analysis of your delivery times, payment methods, credit rating and return rates?[more]

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