Customer Retention


Automated Processes To Prevent Cancellations 

Transportation companies can use the mobility portal to strategically prevent cancellations. With cross-channel monitoring, the platform can launch proactive customer loyalty campaigns to reduce cancellation rates. For instance, the mobility portal can present new individualized offers to customers who are in the process of cancelling their season tickets online. These new offers are based on existing customer data and their usage behavior. 

After the customer selects their reason for cancellation, they can for example

You Can Define the Actions to be Taken to Prevent Cancellations

As a transportation provider, you can customize the alternative offers presented to customers to prevent cancellations with the mobility portal to systematically reduce your churn rate. 

Once a Cancellation Is Successfully Prevented...

In other words, when the customer accepts a new offer during their cancellation process, all changes are automatically transferred to the relevant systems in real time and are then applied to the next invoice.


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