eTickets are becoming increasingly prevalent in public transportation. From smart cards to QR Codes and printed digital tickets, transportation providers can manage their eTicket models with the mobility portal. 

Future-Proof eTicket System  Certified by VDV-KA

The mobility portal's database can manage complex fare structures. With the platform, you can manage prices and assign them to tickets and season tickets regardless of how many different transportation companies are involved throughout the passenger's trip. 

AMIS®7 implements eTickets according to VDV-KA (VDV-Kernapplikation) standards. The interoperability of public transportation is also governed by the VDV. In addition to smart cards, we also support 2D barcodes, which are sent to passengers via email (ticket2print) or mobile apps.  

During ticket production, print tickets or eTickets can be produced via external service providers for the mass personalization of tickets. 

Main Functional Features

  • eTickets are produced according to VDV-KA standards (version 1.5)
  • individual and mass production is supported
  • external mass personalization is supported
  • card readers for scanning eTickets
  • managing the sequence of authorizations 
  • blocking and unblocking authorizations 
  • stock management 
  • managing secure application modules 
  • requesting and enabling blocking and unblocking 
  • viewing blocklists 
  • action list service (ALISE)

With eTicket systems, tickets can be stored, managed and purchased digitally. eTickets are stored in a smart card or mobile device and are no longer issued in print form. Season tickets such as monthly passes are also issued digitally. 

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The mobility portal analyzes user behavior online and can draw in prospective customers at the relevant touch points. Based on users' individual content preferences, the mobility portal can present them with

Maximum Flexibility With Season Tickets

The mobility portal supports a wide variety of business models such as freemiums, the metered model and season tickets. Family tickets, vouchers, membership models and company accounts are managed and billed the same way as daily, weekly and monthly passes. 

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