Predictive Marketing


Who Are Your Future Customers?

Are you aware of the hidden sales potential among your existing customers? The mobility portal is a full-service solution that can solve these problems by analyzing data from multiple data sources and identify sales opportunities or cancellation risks. 

Identify Sales Potential Using Data-Driven Methods

With the mobility portal, you can analyze and systematically process large amounts of data across different channels with the following features: 

Automated Campaigns Boost Your Conversion Rates

With the mobility portal, you can create marketing campaigns throughout the entire customer lifecycle and offer the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Predict & Prevent Cancellations of Season Tickets

The mobility portal calculates the probabilities of how likely it is for a customers with season tickets to cancel them. As a preventative measure, transportation companies can launch individualized cancellation prevention campaigns directly within the platform.  


Real-Time Data Transfer to Reporting Tools
With the mobility portal, you can define your own KPIs and run customer-specific reports and analysis at any time. We can also transfer the data to Tableau or to any other analytics tool of your choice. 

Business Intelligence

The mobility portal's BI tool can transform data from tracking tools, payments from passengers, data from ticket vending machines and etc. into valuable business insights to help you make informed strategic decisions. Taking in real-time data from systems such as PIM, CRM and ERP, our BI tool can analyze data across different channels. 

Cross-Process Analyses

From e-shops to telesales and social media - the more data the data warehouse receives from different sources, the clearer the statistical relationships become. Our Business Intelligence Cockpit can flexibly be integrated with other external IT systems. 

The mobility portal Offers You:


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