Bring Intermodal Offers to the Market Successfully

In the mobility portal, we combine our technological expertise with sales know-how in order to increase customer engagement and loyalty through a percise, cross-channel customer approach. 

Centralized Management of Business Processes

Municipalities, transportation and mobility providers need data-driven automated frontend and backend processes with real-time data exchange for successful customer engagement instead of having inflexible and outdated workflows. 

End-to-End Process View

The mobility portal handles all workflows from onboarding to payments and customer retention campaigns. With the platform, you can orchestrate all the impressions customers gain throughout the customer relationship. 

With the mobility portal, you benefit from a 360° customer view of

Tracking, Analysis & Campaign Tools

The mobility portal provides you with tracking tools as well as reporting and campaign tools so that transportation providers and municipalities can analyze and launch campaigns with AI-based technologies.

A Complete View Across All Touch Points: 

To identify the behavioral patterns and needs of passengers, the mobility portal offers you a comprehensive customer view across all the following channels:

Multilingual Distribution

Online Self Service solutions enable you to reach your passengers and future customers in their native language. This makes your services accessible and simultaneously reduces the workload for your customer service center.  

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