Upselling and Cross-Selling


The mobility portal boosts your sales through individualized upselling and cross-selling offers via AI-based cross-channel analysis. 

Customer Loyalty Through Customized Recommendations

An AI-based recommendation is part of our system landscape. Based on sophisticated recommendation mechanisms, you can launch automated and accurate upselling and cross-selling campaigns directly within the mobility portal. 

Define Individualized Offers for Passengers

With the mobility portal being able to process a wide variety of fare structures, ticket types and vouchers, you can define your campaigns flexibly. 

With the mobility portal, You Can

  • create campaign-specific landing pages
  • implement quick checkout processes
  • recommend payment methods most relevant to the customer
  • prompt impulse purchases via Facebook and Instagram
  • incorporate abandoned basket processes
  • run targeted customer loyalty campaigns 

Boost Conversion Rates With Customized Emails

Emails generate the highest conversion rates out of all different marketing tools, but not many companies exploit them to the fullest. The mobility portal offers you a smart email management tool where you can segment your customers and run automated email campaigns with integrated back-office workflows. 

Real-Time Data Transfers to the Backend

Once a passenger purchases an offer, the data is automatically transferred to the relevant systems in real time.

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