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Anyone who wants to create attractive transportation alternatives to private transportation for the mobility transformation must integrate on-demand transportation services, especially in more remote regions and outlying districts. For this reason, partnerships with e-scooter, e-bike, bike or car-sharing providers are becoming increasingly important. 

Integrate New Transportation Providers Flexibly  

The mobility portal makes it quick and easy for on-demand transportation providers to become a part of the mobility transformation. Your services can be flexibly integrated into existing public transport infrastructure. This way, we can connect intermodal transportation offers and integrate for example 

  • e-scooter rentals 
  • bike sharing 
  • e-car rentals 
  • taxis 
  • park and ride 

The whole thing can be made possibly without high entry and software costs for mobility providers.  

Don't Fear Complex Pricing Structures & Unmanageable Processes 

The mobility portal guarantees smooth data exchange between transportation companies, municipalities and on-demand transportation providers. We take care of integrating fares, different ticket types, payment methods and back-office processes. The mobility portal covers the complete process of managing door-to-door multimodal transportation. With cross-modal route and timetable calculators, tickets can be administered, issued and invoiced across all platforms in the mobility portal.  

Multimodal Routing Included 

The mobility portal enables multimodal routing. We offer real-time mapping of schedules, stations and current positions of busses, taxis and e-bikes. Passengers have access to real-time data via the web or app and can plan their multimodal transportation plan. 

Maximum Usability for End Customers

Passengers can conveniently look up, reserve and pay for their individual door-to-door transportation via the web or app. 

Multimodal Corporate Mobility 

With our platform, we promote sustainable corporate mobility and integrate on-demand services such as e-bike sharing or e-scooter rental into job tickets. 


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With ccb by dsb, the dsb group operates Europe's leading customer care and billing platform in the publishing industry. The mobility portal is also made possible with the following dsb modules: e-shop, online self services, payment, predictive marketing and audience development. 

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