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Passenger-Centric Multimodal Mobility Services...

..are the basis for a successful mobility transformation. The more flexible and individualized transportation providers can make their transportation services, the more attractive it will be for

The mobility transformation begins and ends at our own doorsteps. With the mobility portal, public transportation providers are offered a platform where they can connect different forms of transportation and integrate on-demand transportation as well as new ticket systems.

Intermodal End-to-End Transportation

Attract new customer segments by making it easier for workers to switch from private to public transport.

The right combination of different transportation modes can convert existing customers into loyal passengers. Get casual passengers to purchase season tickets to generate continuous revenue streams.

Integrate New Mobility Providers Flexibly 
With the mobility portal, you can quickly expand your transportation services by including new means of transport. Link intermodal transportation offers and integrate

  • e-scooter rentals 
  • e-car rentals
  • bike sharing
  • taxis
  • bike and ride
  • park and ride

Digital Transformation for Transportation Companies
The days of obscure fare structures are over. The mobility portal drives digital transformation in the public transportation sector. From schedules, fares, ticket types to payment methods - The platform ensures error-free data exchanges between multiple data sources. With the mobility portal, you can centrally administer complex mobility services. 

Seamless Backend Processes 

The mobility portal offers smooth downstream business processes with its modules. The platform handles data exchanges along the process chain and can also be integrated with other pre-existing IT solutions.

Online Self Service 

Optimize your customer service with smart online customer service features. Let passengers purchase season tickets, reserve tickets or change their tickets any time they want. The mobility portal supports your customers with multilingual customer self-services for managing addresses, questions about billing and ordering student tickets. 

Introduce New Ticket Types to the Market
From eTickets to mobile tickets and 10-day flex tickets - With the mobility portal, new ticket types can be easily introduced to the market and tested. Bonus programs and ticket credits can also be implemented quickly here. With the cross-modal routes and schedule calculator, the mobility portal allows you to administer, issue and invoice tickets across all platforms.

Multimodal Corporate Mobility 

With the mobility portal, you can centrally manage company fare rates and company accounts while we take care of the integration. With our platform, you can reach out to new target groups and promote sustainable corporate mobility. 

Business Intelligence Tools

The mobility portal's data warehouse analyzes your passengers' usage habits. The BI tool can identify individual transportation preferences and launch AI-based customer acquisition and retention campaigns. With this, you can run individualized cross-selling and upselling offers. 

Schedule Information, Bookings & Tickets
Passengers can put together their own individualized transportation plan consisting of different modes of transportation via the website or app.

Transportation companies can benefit from smooth real-time data exchanges between CRM, ERP, accounting software and etc. The platform can also run defined workflows automatically.

Increase Sales of Season Tickets
The mobility portal can generate customized offers for your passengers based on customer information and usage behavior. These individualized transportation offers are generated based on AI analysis and can help you turn your casual passengers into loyal customers. 

Profit From Impulse Purchases
Widget solutions maximize customer experience and reach. With widgets, we can link exciting products for your passengers to the appropriate content in blogs, Facebook posts, news websites or YouTube videos and encourage spontaneous purchases. 

Protect IT Investments
With its service-oriented architecture, the mobility portal has a high level of integratability and can adapt to your existing IT infrastructure as well as future expansions. With our middleware, we link heterogeneous systems together and thus ensure holistic business processes. 

Manage Student Transportation Digitally

Organizing individual student transportation is time-consuming and costly for transportation providers. A dedicated multilingual student portal solves this problem by offering transportation companies and school authorities a solution for route planning and managing student tickets. 

Communication Between Drivers and Parents
The mobility portal ensures smooth communication between drivers and parents for transportation designated for schools. The route plans are displayed to all drivers in the app.* Here, they can arrange which children get on and off the bus at different stops. If a child is not present at the arranged stop, the parents are automatically informed. 

Connect Public Transportation to School Authorities and Parents 
The mobility portal connects school authorities, schools, students and parents together. This allows you to benefit from automated workflows and reduce input errors. Our solution is multilingual and therefore very accessible for schools and parents.

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*Powered by Itexon: Out partner Intexon supports us in the development of these features

Successful Digital Transformation With the mobility portal 

In the mobility portal, vedisys® AG and dsb Group combine their public transport and IT know-how. Since 1996, vedisys has been using AMIS®7 to design, initiate and implement solutions to simplify sales, subscription management, fare management and the administration of school transportation. 

With ccb by dsb, the dsb group operates Europe's leading customer care and billing platform in the publishing industry. The mobility is also made possible with the following dsb modules: e-shop, online self services, payment, predictive marketing and audience development. 

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